Rays of Hope

Sitting here staring at the blank wall,
Can’t help but let a lonely tear fall,
A weighted heart beating slowly,
Echoing the cries of the lost and lonely,

The rush of feet hurriedly passing by,
People undecided on where to sell and buy,
As the dust rises engulfing my baited breath,
My mind can’t help but yearn for death,

Children dragged along by their parents,
Their sad glances are my only friends,
Somehow I feel we share a connection,
With the innocent hearts without tension,

An old coin drops into the bowl beside me,
But before I can even lean over to see,
It bounces into the cold dusty veranda,
Where a shoe kicks it further yonder,

Rays of hope disappearing just as fast,
Is this how my life will forever last?
A beggar wasting away by the street,
Have I so easily chosen to concede defeat?

But as I pull my hat to shield my eyes,
From the sun’s rays reflected upon shiny shoes,
I realize that He’s always been there with me,
His brilliant love shining down all around me,

Asking me to call upon His grace,
And seek the truth from His face,
Promising me that I will no more race,
And soon I’ll be in His warm embrace,


Published by

Ngare Kariuki

Communication specialist, follower of Jesus Christ and a member of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Nairobi. I graduated from the University of Nairobi in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering but decided to pursue a career in journalism. I worked at Nation Media Group as a Special Projects Writer. Currently a Content Associate at Hill & Knowlton Strategies (WPP Scangroup).

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