Faith is Not Irrational – A Groundwork Case for Faith.

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” [Hebrews 11:1]

For something to be considered rational, it must obey the laws of logic. Yet, in our discussions about what is logical or rational, we must always remember not to mistake what is rational with what is real. These two terms are not synonymous. Please note that I am not, at this point, saying that Faith does not conform to reality (which I believe it does). I am only making a preliminary distinction between rationality and reality. Reality refers to actual existence or occurring in fact. Continue reading Faith is Not Irrational – A Groundwork Case for Faith.


Lyrical Review: Uwezo by Adawnage

I consider this to to be one of my all time favorite local Christian songs, Uwezo (Ability) by Adawnage Band. I have to admit that the first time I heard this song, I fell in love with the beauty in its musical arrangement and flow. Since I do not know much about music and how to describe a good musical arrangement, allow me to get away with this description, “it is a beautifully crafted piece of music.” However, just like a person is first intrigued by the physical looks of another person before they finally get to know them and confirm whether the story lives up to the cover-page, I eventually got to pay attention to the lyrics, and I must say that I was not disappointed.

This “book” does indeed live up to its cover, and deserves to be judged thus. Continue reading Lyrical Review: Uwezo by Adawnage

Lyrical Review: Ole by Jimmy Gait ft Holy Dave & Chuchu

I have to admit that this song is at the top of the list of songs that finally made me decide to start writing these lyrical reviews. As I mentioned in the introductory post, I will not go into addressing the music style or even the video content. I’ll just go straight into the lyrics. Here is a link to the lyrics, please use it to confirm the lyrics being reviewed.

The song begins by the phrase “tuna make it or make it” and this seems to encapsulate the overall theme of the song. The implication of these words is that “we either succeed or succeed”. The “we” in this case could mean the guys singing the song, or it could mean all Christians, since the song is done by Christian artistes. It could also mean anyone listening to the song. But these are just my speculations. I choose not presume who the “we” refers to, but will let the rest of the lyrics reveal it to us. Continue reading Lyrical Review: Ole by Jimmy Gait ft Holy Dave & Chuchu

Lyrical Review: The Burden

The Gospel is under attack. That’s a statement that is often used but seldom understood. We hear it all the time and from the most unlikely of sources. A pastor faking miracles is seen as an attack to the Gospel. In his defense, the same pastor says that those accusing him are an attack to the Gospel. It can get confusing. How can the very thing that a person is accused of also be the thing that the person is claiming in his own defense? Is this just another effect of living in a postmodern age?

How can the person being accused of defaming the Gospel defend himself by claiming that the Gospel is being defamed? It doesn’t sound rational, but it is happening every day. Such discussions have often boiled down to a question of perspectives and in this relativistic age we are living in, no decisive action ever takes place in the end. Furthermore, with the media bombarding our minds with all sorts of trivialities, our interest in such scandals only seem to last until the next entertaining news item shows up on the screen. Continue reading Lyrical Review: The Burden

A Scientific/Pragmatic Challenge to the Gospel

I got an opportunity, last Saturday, to attend a monthly meeting (forum) for an infamous (among the religious circles) group  known as “The Kenyan Free Thinkers”. According to the information posted on their website, the main objective of the Free Thinkers group is to “promote and defend reason, science and freedom of inquiry in education and to encourage free thought, skepticism, secularism, humanism, philosophical naturalism and rationalism in Kenya.”

A casual glance at the group’s Facebook page and blog will however reveal that they are more of “anti-religion” rather than free thinkers. It would appear their claim to free thought is simply a disguised commitment to “anti-religion” and more specifically, “anti-Christ” thinking. Most of the discussions oddly seem revolve around the person of Christ, his claims and Christianity in general. Furthermore, I am personally persuaded that the person who is allowed to believe in the existence of miracles and consider the possibility of the supernatural is more free thinking than the one who isn’t allowed to. Continue reading A Scientific/Pragmatic Challenge to the Gospel