A Scientific/Pragmatic Challenge to the Gospel

I got an opportunity, last Saturday, to attend a monthly meeting (forum) for an infamous (among the religious circles) group  known as “The Kenyan Free Thinkers”. According to the information posted on their website, the main objective of the Free Thinkers group is to “promote and defend reason, science and freedom of inquiry in education and to encourage free thought, skepticism, secularism, humanism, philosophical naturalism and rationalism in Kenya.”

A casual glance at the group’s Facebook page and blog will however reveal that they are more of “anti-religion” rather than free thinkers. It would appear their claim to free thought is simply a disguised commitment to “anti-religion” and more specifically, “anti-Christ” thinking. Most of the discussions oddly seem revolve around the person of Christ, his claims and Christianity in general. Furthermore, I am personally persuaded that the person who is allowed to believe in the existence of miracles and consider the possibility of the supernatural is more free thinking than the one who isn’t allowed to. Continue reading A Scientific/Pragmatic Challenge to the Gospel