Lyrical Review: The Burden

The Gospel is under attack. That’s a statement that is often used but seldom understood. We hear it all the time and from the most unlikely of sources. A pastor faking miracles is seen as an attack to the Gospel. In his defense, the same pastor says that those accusing him are an attack to the Gospel. It can get confusing. How can the very thing that a person is accused of also be the thing that the person is claiming in his own defense? Is this just another effect of living in a postmodern age?

How can the person being accused of defaming the Gospel defend himself by claiming that the Gospel is being defamed? It doesn’t sound rational, but it is happening every day. Such discussions have often boiled down to a question of perspectives and in this relativistic age we are living in, no decisive action ever takes place in the end. Furthermore, with the media bombarding our minds with all sorts of trivialities, our interest in such scandals only seem to last until the next entertaining news item shows up on the screen. Continue reading Lyrical Review: The Burden