Lyrical Review: Ole by Jimmy Gait ft Holy Dave & Chuchu

I have to admit that this song is at the top of the list of songs that finally made me decide to start writing these lyrical reviews. As I mentioned in the introductory post, I will not go into addressing the music style or even the video content. I’ll just go straight into the lyrics. Here is a link to the lyrics, please use it to confirm the lyrics being reviewed.

The song begins by the phrase “tuna make it or make it” and this seems to encapsulate the overall theme of the song. The implication of these words is that “we either succeed or succeed”. The “we” in this case could mean the guys singing the song, or it could mean all Christians, since the song is done by Christian artistes. It could also mean anyone listening to the song. But these are just my speculations. I choose not presume who the “we” refers to, but will let the rest of the lyrics reveal it to us. Continue reading Lyrical Review: Ole by Jimmy Gait ft Holy Dave & Chuchu