Lyrical Review: Colour kwa Face by Nonini

Yes, I know that this is an unexpected review. Considering this is a Christian blog targeting Christian readers and aiming to glorify God, your surprise is justified, but hold off your judgment and cool your jets… at least until the end of the review. Thank you.

Now, the reason why I chose to do a review on a secular song is because the message in the song is bound to reveal several things about Christianity and Christian music. The song “Color kwa Face” by Nonini is basically a protest against the discrimination aimed at Albinos in Kenya and Tanzania. This message comes against a backdrop of news reports about Albinos being abducted and killed, and their body parts sold to witch doctors to be used as recipes for charms and other similar concoctions. Here’s a link to one such news story if you need to familiarize yourself with the issue. Continue reading Lyrical Review: Colour kwa Face by Nonini