A Call to Reform our Pulpits – The Gospel Revisited

It seems that with so much distortion of the Gospel upon our own pulpits, we are faced with a new scenario of having to revisit the Gospel message with people we would rather assume (rather than confirm) are fellow Christians. How does one discuss the Gospel message with a fellow believer without coming off as judgmental and as questioning another person’s salvation? There are times when a person’s answers to questions such as “How did you came to know Jesus?” or “What does Jesus mean to you?” are bound to make you wonder whether or not the person is truly born again. But then again, the problem could be traced back to what is being preached on our pulpits.

I am not in any way suggesting that there is a specific formula for how people ought to answer these questions or convert into Christianity. But I am convinced that there is a specific message to be preached, heard and received; and this message is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Continue reading A Call to Reform our Pulpits – The Gospel Revisited