Democracy in Small Group Bible Studies

You’ve probably thought about this before, but you’ve never paid it any mind. Perhaps it didn’t bother you much and only appeared as a fleeting thought in your mind. A thought not worth pursuing. Well, I am here to provoke you to pursue this thought today.

Disclaimer: these diagnoses do not apply to all fellowships, but to the majority, especially those which are facilitated and constituted by young people. This is has been my personal and experiential observation.

Have you noticed how “communal” our various Bible Study fellowships tend to get? I am not talking about community in our application of the truths, but community in our interpretation of the passages. Have you noticed how considerate they are? Every reading of a passage of scripture will often be followed by the following prompt by the leader, “What do you think this verse means?” “What does this verse mean to you?” Oftentimes, when the answers given so far seem unsatisfactory to the leader, he would ask something like, “Anyone else with a different opinion/observation?” and the conclusion will often be the most reasonable interpretation… or the one that sounds deep. Continue reading Democracy in Small Group Bible Studies