Sanctify Them by Your Truth, Father. [“The Sex Files”]

It has come to my attention that my last review of Mavuno Church’s ongoing series, The Sex Files: Living in an R-Rated World came off to many people as being predominantly [and therefore unfairly] negative. It appeared as if I was out to pick out all the flaws in the sermon and ignore all the positive things communicated [ and even nuanced] in the sermon. So, this blog post will focus on one key component of the second sermon which I found useful and worth expounding upon. If you have read my post on The problem with half truths in Preaching, you will hopefully understand my difficulty in acknowledging as positive, those elements of a message that independently sound true but are not based on an overarching sense of Gospel-centrism. Continue reading Sanctify Them by Your Truth, Father. [“The Sex Files”]


The Right Attitude in Prayer

Cornell: I just don’t get it, God.

God: What don’t you get?

Cornell: My life. Why does it have to be so hard? This is so unfair.

God: What do you mean?

Cornell: You wouldn’t get it. You’re God.

God: Why do you think I won’t get it?

Cornell: Are you deaf? I said it’s because you are God!

God: Since you put it that way. I guess I don’t get it… Continue reading The Right Attitude in Prayer