What is the Point of Prayer?

I remember sometime back when such a question used to bug me a lot. If God already knows what’s in my heart, what is the point of praying? If God already knows what I need, why do I need to deliberately present the request to Him? Such questions would bother me because the answers that I would get from around me served only to increase rather than settle my curiosity. It doesn’t make it any better that many atheists and rationalists are fond of asking similar questions about God and the practice of prayer. For instance, if it is already in God’s sovereign will to grant me a particular thing, then, does it really matter whether I pray about it or not? Won’t it happen anyway? The same question can also be viewed this way; do my prayers and my petitions inform or change God’s mind? Does God act upon my prayers or does He act upon His will? Or is it both?

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