Ashamed of the Gospel

cornellWell, this is awkward. I didn’t see it coming. I am not the kind of guy to chat you up on a bus. I am not the kind of guy who likes being chatted up in the bus either. I cherish my privacy. Commuting time usually doubles up as my reading time, and this afternoon was no different.

So, here I was, seated at the back of the bus. I removed my phone from my pocket to check my e-mail before I got to my reading.

“Is that an Ideos phone?” I assumed he was talking to someone else, but the guy seated next to me was obviously pointing at my phone.

I nodded, reluctantly, making it clear that I did not want to find out where this odd question was leading. He seemed not to notice, or care. A barrage of questions about phones, internet speeds and Facebook soon followed. Before I knew it, we were in deep conversation. Continue reading Ashamed of the Gospel