Was James a Moralist?

“Just as parents rightly teach their children to obey moral instruction, the church also bears responsibility to teach its own the moral commands of God and to bear witness to the larger society of what God has declared to be right and good for His human creatures.” Dr. Albert Mohler

book-of-james2If James (the author of the Epistle of James) was a preacher in one of our local churches today, I am not so sure I would be so quick to endorse his messages. He sounds a tad too moralistic. Too obsessed with good works. Too concerned about how people are living, oftentimes using this to validate their claims about Jesus – irrespective of whether those claims are biblical or not. He is too out-ward focused. Too action-oriented. Behavioral reformation seems to be a priority for James, sometimes even seemingly equating good works with faith when it comes to justification (James 2:24). If he were a present day televangelist, I would advice caution and discernment to those who chose to listen to him. There are too many examples from his epistle that would justify my reservations: Continue reading Was James a Moralist?