Love for Truth’s Sake. Truth for Love’s Sake.

“He has done about half his work in convincing another of error who has first convinced him that he loves him.” – Barnes


The purpose of life is to glorify (make much of) God by living according to His will. Simply put, God is the point of life. And God is Love [1 John 4:8]. We know that we are not living in an ideal world. The world that we’re currently living in is desperately broken. If we are in Christ (Christians), we know that we have been redeemed from the prison of sin but not the presence of sin. We live in a fallen world, battling a defiant flesh and dodging a deceiving devil (with the Holy Spirit as our guide and guard). The life of a Christian is war – a real, practical, messy war. It is war with the world, a war with our flesh and a war with the devil. It is not a war with other people, and it is definitely not a war with fellow Christians. Continue reading Love for Truth’s Sake. Truth for Love’s Sake.