A Valentine’s Day Cypher – Part 3

Continued from Part 2…


He stands there, staring
He has that look in his eye…
The one that melts the words in my mouth
Yes that one… That has my heart beating to his rhythm,
The kind that strengthens my will, yet weakens my knees…
The type that strings a cold sweat down my back…
The look that starts thought journeys in my head…
I watch as he spaces-out, as his mind takes him away…
I wonder what goes on in there… Wonder if he’s wondering the wonder that is us…
I feel strangely at ease, comfort in my soul…
His speaks to mine… His taking mine.
He has my mind… and now my heart.
This he knows not.
Because I don’t say a word…
I just stand there.. exemplifying the word speechless.


The silence trudges on…
Over the seconds and across the minute…
My gaze transfixed…her eyes my focus.
I watch helplessly as her look transforms…
The metamorphosis ….confusing.
The tension ….gut wrenching.
The silence ….deafening
The thrill ….disarming.
…then…in just a flash…
Her lips hesitantly part…then quiver.
My heart skips a beat…her eyes dart.
Then I get distracted…
I realize she’s been talking…
All along, she was shouting.
The tremble in her lips
The dart in her eyes
The heaving in her chest
The slight sway in her posture
The clenched fingers
The tilt in her head
That’s when the lips steady…
Her pupils pierce my soul…and the silence is cut in two by the most angelic voice to ever lavish my ears.
Her head steadies up,
Her hand unclenches,
Her posture straightens…
Could this be the end?
Will she scoff at my words?
Will my pride be crushed?
Will she choose cruelty?
And even though her actions had whispered a thousand hints, I still act clueless…
Her voice distracts my thoughts…
and my heart races as she speaks… And says:….

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Published by

Ngare Kariuki

Communication specialist, follower of Jesus Christ and a member of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Nairobi. I graduated from the University of Nairobi in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering but decided to pursue a career in journalism. I worked at Nation Media Group as a Special Projects Writer. Currently a Content Associate at Hill & Knowlton Strategies (WPP Scangroup).

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