Hearts on Fire (A Prayer)

Kenya-Nairobi-cemetery-2010-07-21On 28 January, 2009, a fire razed down Nakumatt Supermarket in downtown Nairobi, Kenya. Security guards locked exit doors in an effort to prevent looting. Angel Wainaina, an actress who played the role of Sergeant Maria on the Cobra Squad TV series, died in that fire. So did Peter Serry, then CEO of Tusker FC. About 50 lives are believed to have been lost in the fire. Three days later, on 31 January 2009, An oil spill ignition occurred in Molo, Kenya, and resulted in the deaths of at least 113 people and critical injuries to over 200 more. The incident occurred when an oil spill from an overturned truck burst into flames as onlookers attempted to obtain remnants of the spilled fuel for personal use. This is the prayer I wrote in the wake of these fiery tragedies: Continue reading Hearts on Fire (A Prayer)