The Myth of Modern Progress

I am convinced that we are getting dumber every day. I am persuaded that those people that we call “archaic” and “primitive” are really the geniuses of history, not the 20th century Einsteins. If there’s anything like evolution, it is a backward evolution. Yes, ours is the age of marvelous inventions and innovations. Space exploration, computers, the iPhone… All these “look” like marks of increased intelligence and brilliance. But I am not so sure that this is the case. I feel that there are questions that we no longer bother to ask today, which need to be asked if notions such as “progress” and “development” are to remain coherent. Questions that are pivotal to our understanding of how real progress or true intelligence look like.


Yes, I am persuaded that questions about what constitutes “reality” and “truth” have become obsolete today. Continue reading The Myth of Modern Progress