Challies, Voskamp, and All Us Girls

“It is so easy, being the emotional creatures that we are, to engage a book (or blog, or talk show, or magazine article, etc.), on a purely or even largely emotional level. And that is so dangerous. Emotion itself is not wrong; emotion taking over thought is. We always need to be thinking and evaluating biblically … ” RVD


Tim Challies found out the hard way last week that criticizing Ann Voskamp makes you a lot of enemies – fast. So let me start by saying that I have no problem with Ann Voskamp. If you want to read her, please do. I’m an English major, and I understand the draw of a well written book. In fact, Ann Voskamp’s style reminds me of Joan Didion’s in The Year of Magical Thinking – a book also dealing with grief (far from any sort of Christianity), which I found fascinating.

What concerns me about the whole situation is that Tim Challies had to write his review. It’s Reformed evangelicals who read his blog, and he directs his writing to them.

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Ngare Kariuki

Communication specialist, follower of Jesus Christ and a member of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Nairobi. I graduated from the University of Nairobi in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering but decided to pursue a career in journalism. I worked at Nation Media Group as a Special Projects Writer. Currently a Content Associate at Hill & Knowlton Strategies (WPP Scangroup).

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