His Word, in My Words

Infinity… in 26 letters,

Eternity… in decaying pages,

God’s vocabulary… in man’s handwriting,

The deepest secret… in public pages,

The brightest light… in black ink,

Profoundest truth… in simple strokes,

Greatest treasure… in cheapest paper,

Deepest love… in shallowest phrases,

A masterpiece… in ordinary font,

Immortal words… in mortal handwriting,

Heaven’s blueprint… in earthly pen strokes,



Published by

Ngare Kariuki

Communication specialist, follower of Jesus Christ and a member of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Nairobi. I graduated from the University of Nairobi in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering but decided to pursue a career in journalism. I worked at Nation Media Group as a Special Projects Writer. Currently a Content Associate at Hill & Knowlton Strategies (WPP Scangroup).

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