It is Impossible to Stab God in the Back

It is the stuff of water-cooler conversations. Jane just conveniently happened to feel thirsty when Sophie pushed back her office chair. The two women met at the water-dispenser, where the usual chit-chat started. 

water cooler chat“Did you hear about Maryanne’s escapades last night?” Jane casually asks Sophie while awaiting her turn, holding an empty plastic cup. “I heard she left the club at midnight, with Beth’s husband.”

But before the gossip can get juicier, Sophie shows up, and the conversation quickly switches to something about Mr. Njoroge of HR and how obnoxious he is.

It is easy to talk about someone else when they’re not there. More specifically, it is easy to say negative things (true or false) about them when they are out of ear-shot. It is not the same thing with compliments. We actually long to be overheard while saying positive things about a person. But when it comes to God, we actually don’t mind saying negative things about Him even when He is listening.

I have found it helpful to re-imagine my sins as being committed in the physical presence of God. For instance, when I lie, I think about what that means in my relationship with God. I imagine God is standing there with me while I am doing it. He and I know the truth. He clearly told me to tell the truth, and even though I heard Him, I chose to do otherwise.  Continue reading It is Impossible to Stab God in the Back


I’m Only Human… or Am I?

“I’m only human.” – Unknown

At least, that’s what I like to tell myself every now and then. I am only human. I employ those words to shield myself from correction and the rebukes of others, and often to justify my carelessness or poor stewardship. This is especially true when it comes to my words, they never quite seem to come out right. But then again, isn’t it James in the Bible who said that “We all stumble in many ways. Anyone who is never at fault in what they say is perfect, able to keep their whole body in check.” [3:2]?

I’m only human.

But I say this mostly when I know I’ve been stupid. When I’ve said something I know I shouldn’t have; or when I’ve said it in a way that was less than loving or considerate. I say those three words when I regret something I did in the past, something I cannot undo.

I’m only human.

I often say these words when I become vividly aware that I could have said or done it better, paid more attention, held my tongue, done deeper research, written it more carefully. I say it when I have not lived up to my own standard of reasonable excellence. Continue reading I’m Only Human… or Am I?