I Have Learnt to Love You Late

I have learnt to love you late,

Beauty at once so ancient and so new!

I have learnt to love you late!

You were within me, and I was in the world outside myself.

I searched for you outside myself and, disfigured as I was,

I fell upon the lovely things of your creation.

The beautiful things of this world kept me from you and yet,

If they had not been in you, they would have had no being at all.

It was you then, O Lord, who made them.

You who are beautiful, for they too are beautiful.

You who are good, for they too are good.

You who are, for they too are.

But they are not beautiful and good as you are beautiful and good.

Nor do they have their being as you the Creator have your being.

In comparison with you, they have neither beauty nor goodness nor being at all.

– Augustine, Confessions


The State of the Art

I used to be a poet. Once. A few years back. You’ve probably read some of the poems I wrote back then. Like this series on Valentine’s Day, written in 2009 or this one on the Word of God, written in 2010. I guess I am not being too conceited when I say that I was a pretty good poet, and even got to grace the stage at many poetry events. But something happened towards the end of 2011. Somehow, I just lost the touch. I found myself struggling to write poetry and often wrestled with inspiration. The process rapidly became too mechanical and I decided to give it up altogether. Of course, there were a few bursts of inspiration here and there, but it was just never the same. I prayed hard and begged God to return the gift. I wrestled with many questions:

Had God taken back the talent because I was a bad steward?

Was it just a phase?

Had it all been a show?

Was I just a poet wanna-be?

Was I truly gifted in poetry?

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Sometimes, WIND

Sometimes the wind will pull up its sleeves
To labor with bees
Pieces of pollen through foreign
To help flowers kiss.
And this…maybe an unusual courtship.
A perfectly simple, satisfying kind of bliss.
Because this intimacy?
Has nothing to do with artificial boundaries;
Political Protocol;
Or diplomacy.
No, This…
This is divinely orchestrated
Organized and mandated
By the One who conducts natures symphonies,
the sparrows
and clothed
the flowers
in the first place.

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A Valentine’s Day Cypher – The Conclusion

This is the last installment in a four-part poetry cypher. If you haven’t already, check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 before continuing…



A moment of hesitation,
A heart full of affection,
Crossed thoughts… Confusion,
A need for a conclusion,
I need to say something, yet no words come to mind…
He just spoke his heart, I just stand there blank…
It’s simple really, he puts me… on a pedestal… I don’t deserve to be up so tall.
With him I wear a halo, from the moment he says ‘hallo’
I want to be his imperfect,
Perfectly perfecting our perfect…
So, let’s do this together… Don’t make it about how to ‘get-her’
What do you say?
Or even better, let’s face the ONE who’s perfect,
What does HE have to say?

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A Valentine’s Day Cypher – Part 3

Continued from Part 2…


He stands there, staring
He has that look in his eye…
The one that melts the words in my mouth
Yes that one… That has my heart beating to his rhythm,
The kind that strengthens my will, yet weakens my knees…
The type that strings a cold sweat down my back…
The look that starts thought journeys in my head…
I watch as he spaces-out, as his mind takes him away…
I wonder what goes on in there… Wonder if he’s wondering the wonder that is us…
I feel strangely at ease, comfort in my soul…
His speaks to mine… His taking mine.
He has my mind… and now my heart.
This he knows not.
Because I don’t say a word…
I just stand there.. exemplifying the word speechless.

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A Valentine’s Day Cypher – Part 2

Continued from Part 1…


The cool breeze blows away the last of light…
I look around and he is nowhere in sight…
I wasn’t ready for this. I wasn’t prepared for him not showing up.
As I go through the same ritual as every evening…
At my porch… watching as the beauty of sunset at last fade into dark…
Disappointment sets in,
Coating the last of day on my saddened heavy heart… This can’t be!
I must be dreaming….
No! this is just one of those fictionated almost real nightmares!
So I’ll go for a walk… just to clear my head.
Think… how to go on… collect my thoughts, clean out my closet of dreams, Hate the love I have for him…
I have to do something, or I’ll go crazy!
Rejection, rejection, rejection, my worst fear… a reality!?
Eyes fixed on the ground, lips quivering, balancing tears… sharp breath intakes… I walk on
Only when someone bumps into me do I look up…
And see him, coming towards me…
Looking uncertain… certainly looking at me…
HE CAME! Continue reading A Valentine’s Day Cypher – Part 2

The Heart Duel (Duet): A Valentine’s Day Cypher – Part 1

About four years ago, I got together with an online friend (Edna Thama) and randomly decided to write a poem cypher on a typical exchange between a boy and a girl. It started out as a comment thread, we were not sure where it would lead. But the end product was just as unanticipated as the whole writing process. As Valentine’s Day approaches, the pressure for Christians to conform to the patterns of “love” and “romance” charted by the world is high. It is my prayer that this 4-part series will both evoke your appreciation for romance while still prompting you to maintain a God-glorifying attitude towards romantic love.


I watched as the sun kissed the horizon, coloring the sky…
Mixing the screaming’ yellow and shy red with just a dash of orange.
I watched as it dissolved to a lazy red…
As the shadows blended with the world and night crept in,
I watched as a lone cloud journeyed on to the unknown…
As a single star twinkled in the distance, and one by one her siblings joined her.
I watched as light faded into dark.
All this silently from my porch…
As I looked longingly at the gate,
Willing for it to open and bring me you…
And you would fold me in your arms,
Bless me with your kisses…
Tease my eyes with you.
Sadly it is not to be so…
As I listen to the soulful song of the crickets, I know. Not tonight.
I will wait until the next sunset.

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