Say A Prayer

It’s half past midnight when I spring to life,
Interrupting a night full of sleepless strife,
An escape from my nightmares is what I seek,
Coz each breath just leaves my spirit weak, Continue reading Say A Prayer


The Wise Men (Christmas)

My heart is a tonne heavy and burdened,
My mind more confused and churned,
That a virgin is suddenly with child?
Is not a thought to be held so mild. Continue reading The Wise Men (Christmas)

Our De Fault Mode

Broken heart, shattered dreams, tainted vision. This threefold list is a famous tear-jerker. It’s siblings include the famous “dis” pair; namely disappointment and discouragement. You know what I am talking about. Actually, your heart knows better. You’ve heard enough of them to know that hurting words don’t break ear-drums, they break hearts. Continue reading Our De Fault Mode