Kenya, My Child

I was born innocent; shield me,

From the trap of endless corruption,

From senseless and vain destruction,

Please do not tarnish my perception, Continue reading Kenya, My Child


Our De Fault Mode

Broken heart, shattered dreams, tainted vision. This threefold list is a famous tear-jerker. It’s siblings include the famous “dis” pair; namely disappointment and discouragement. You know what I am talking about. Actually, your heart knows better. You’ve heard enough of them to know that hurting words don’t break ear-drums, they break hearts. Continue reading Our De Fault Mode


In the beginning Cornell picked up a pen and a piece of paper. Now the page was wordless and empty, blankness was over the paper and the thoughts of Cornell hovered over the surface of the page.

Until he picked up the pen, and began to write…