Why I (Sort of) Support the SCOTUS Ruling on Gay Marriage

Christians in the US did not lose the culture war when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage – because Christians have never won any culture war. In fact, I dare say Christians are not even expected to, let alone commanded to, win culture wars. Let me explain. Continue reading Why I (Sort of) Support the SCOTUS Ruling on Gay Marriage


I Apologize for Being a Christian


To see Saul standing atop that hill stirs in us feelings of compassion, and deep sadness. You just have to understand the man. His soldiers are fearful and wide-eyed. The scene is so captivating that the scribe of 1 Samuel 13 places his quivering quill down and picks up, not a thesaurus, but a geographical map for phrases that best describe the scene. Saul’s soldiers hid in “caves” and “thickets”, among “rocks”, in “pits” and “cisterns” (vs. 6). Any hole in which a human body could fit, there you’ll find a scared Israeli soldier. Some of them didn’t just step back, they went back home! (vs. 7) And those who chose to stay only did so because they could barely steady their wobbly knees. To say that they were trembling with fear would be an understatement. They were “quaking” with fear (vs. 7).

Saul doesn’t get why Samuel is not yet here. He should have been here two days ago. The Philistines are advancing. The gap between the camps is closing. The Israelite soldiers are cowering. The stench of defeat is choking. He glances at his shadow. It’s now a few inches longer than the last time he checked. Continue reading I Apologize for Being a Christian

Jesus is Not the Christian Muhammad

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” – Jesus

cross-crescentA brief review of the major world religions will show that they all had their respective founders. Judaism was founded by Abraham, Buddhism was founded by Buddha, Islam was founded by Muhammad, Mormonism was founded by Joseph Smith, the Jehovah’s Witnesses were founded by Charles Taze Russell…. and yes, for the sake of remaining politically correct, Christianity was founded by Jesus Christ. In all these religions and their founders, only one founder claims to be more than the others, Jesus Christ. No matter how much the Jews respect and honor Abraham, no one has deluded himself into equating Abraham with God. No matter how protective the Muslims are of Prophet Muhammad’s name and image, they draw the line at equating Muhammad with God. Muhammad is the greatest and the last prophet, but he is not God. Each religious leader and founder points away from himself and towards their respective deities. Only Jesus claims to be God. Only Jesus points to himself and says, “Follow me!” Continue reading Jesus is Not the Christian Muhammad

Why So Much of Christian Art is Second Rate

I was listening to a Connected Kingdom podcast on Challies.com in which Tim Challies and David Murray were interviewing Steve DeWitt on his latest book, Eyes Wide OpenChallies describes the book as “a book about beauty, about learning to enjoy God in everything.” Some of the questions addressed in the podcast include, “How beauty is meant to motivate worship,” and “Whether beautiful art is objectively good or whether there needs to be an explicit gospel message.” It is an interesting conversation about a subject that many Christians seldom address today, beauty. You should give it a listen when you get some time. Here’s a download link to the audio file.

It is a question that I’ve entertained in my mind now and then over the years, but I’ve never really put serious thought into it. Continue reading Why So Much of Christian Art is Second Rate