Blog Break (14 Jun 13)

Hi friends. It’s been a long while since I last blogged. Busy days. However, that shouldn’t stop me from sharing some of the interesting reads I’ve come across in my time away. Here are a few:

  1. IS GOD ALSO IN HELL? “We have a God who is referred to as everywhere present (omnipresent) yet who maintains a place called hell, described as a place where people are removed from His presence.” Is this a contradiction? Read on and be enlightened…
  2. READING PROFITABLY. Joe Thorn shares some excellent advice on reading well: “I often tell people at our church that when you read Christian books be sure to read critically–though not negatively. Every book should be evaluated by the word of God, and it is good to ask ourselves, how is this author right, and how is he/she wrong?”
  3. DATING TO DISPLAY JESUS. “Dating is dead. So says the media. Girls, stop expecting guys to make any formal attempt at winning your affections. Don’t sit around waiting for a boy to make you a priority, communicate his intentions, or even call you on the phone. Exclusivity and intentionality are ancient rituals, things of the past, and misplaced hopes. I beg to differ,” Marshall Segal.
  4. HOW TO DISCOURAGE ARTISTS IN THE CHURCH. “Here are some more ways to discourage artists in the church:
    • Not setting reasonable boundaries.
    • Not allowing artists to experience creative freedom.
    • Asking the input of artists and deciding not to use it without an explanation.”

    Read on for more…

  5. 33 REASONS TO ABSTAIN FROM PORN. Jason George shares 33 reasons why he abstains from porn and encourages us to do the same, “Type your reasons/motives up on your computer. Then print them out, and put a copy in your planner or Bible (some place you’re going to see them everyday). If you want to, record yourself reading through them—and keep that recording on your iPod like I do—and then listen to it daily. It really does help.”

I think these 5 are enough to keep you well fed throughout the weekend. Enjoy and have a blessed Friday.



Blog Break (03 May 13)

Here are some great links to wind up your week and spice up your first weekend of May:

  1. WHY MEN HAVE STOPPED SINGING IN CHURCH: This is an interesting recap on the cycle that corporate worship has gone through in the course history. The more things change, the more they remain the same… “Before the Reformation, laypersons were not allowed to sing in church. Sacred music was performed by professionals (priests and cantors), played on complex instruments (pipe organs), and sung in an obscure language (Latin).”
  2. FIVE DIGITAL DANGERS:  John Piper shares five dangers associated with the digital world, and corresponding resolutions that will help us avoid and slay each of those dangers  – “The hook of constant curiosity; the empty world of virtual unreality; personal relations with a machine; the risk of tryst; PORN.”
  3. I WORE WHITE: Trillia Newbell: “My white [wedding] dress did not represent a life of purity. It did not represent a young blushing bride who waited to know the mysteries of the intimacy reserved for the bride and groom. My white dress did not represent a born-again virgin… And yet, I can long for a different testimony. I can look at my past indiscretions and feel shame. This has never been heaped upon me by my loving husband, so why the shame?”
  4. HOW TO DETERMINE YOUR “FAVORITE’ BOOKS: Just in case you want to do that and you’re wondering how people do it.

Have a blessed reading time, friends.


Heaven Will Not Be Boring

“Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” [John 21:25]

heavenI love reading. I think anyone who has followed this blog for a while has already noticed this. I also write a lot, not just because I have the gift of writing, but also because I read a lot. It’s only natural that the two habits go together. If there’s any word that describes a writer, it is that he or she is a reader. In the past few weeks, I’ve had the privilege of visiting places with lots of books. Good, biblical books for that matter (and other great mainstream books, too). From my pastor’s house, to the church library to my (future) publisher’s bookshop; a constant reaction in all these encounters with thousands of unread books has been, “So much to read, but so little time!” Continue reading Heaven Will Not Be Boring

Blog Break (19 Jan 13)

I love to read. Actually, I think I am addicted to reading. I may be the only person who takes breaks from reading to read something else. On any given day, I am always in the middle of at least 2 books, apart from the Bible. I also love reading blog-posts, I think I read a minimum (not maximum) of about 5 blog-posts per day (on top of the aforementioned books). In my reading adventures across the blog-world, I often come across posts that are simply too interesting not to share with the rest of the Body of Christ. That’s why I am beginning this series of blog stop-overs. I hope you will find the posts shared to be as interesting and inspiring as they were to me, if not more so. It is also my hope that, in sharing these posts, you will be getting a glimpse of the thoughts that feed my mind and inspire my own posts.

Disclaimer: I may not always agree with or recommend “other teachings” by authors of posts shared, so it will be helpful to read the posts I recommend individually and with an open but discerning mind.

  1. That having been said, I will start us off by bringing to your attention this insightful post by Kaj Vincent, “DO YOU LOVE YOUR CHURCH?” The answers to this seemingly obvious question may surprise you. For instance, did you know that “Many say ‘I love my church’, when they mean ‘I love how well the music is done’ or ‘I love the ambience’, or ‘I agree with the preaching’, or even ‘I like being associated with the reputation my church has built for itself’.”? Read the post and find out more.
  2. From the church we go into the world of miracles (well, we don’t actually have to “leave” the church to enter the world of miracles 🙂 ). Did you know that God still performs miracles today? Whether you are a cessationist or a continuationist, this book review by Tim Challies will compel you to reconsider you view of the nature and purpose of miracles. Yes, GOD PERFORMS MIRACLES TODAY! This is a review of Nik Ripsen’s Book, The Insanity of God. Check it out to find out what the “greatest miracle of all” is, and why it is also the most recurrent miracle even today.
  3. Finally, my friend and fellow alien, Serah Njambi, has chosen to start her blogging year with quite an eccentric perspective on our salvation. Read THE AUCTION and share it with a friend who (preferably) has heard the Gospel but is still reluctant to believe and be saved. We could all use a reminder now and then.

There you go. These three posts are enough to get you going today. I will be sharing more links to worthwhile blog stop-overs over the course of the coming days, months and years (God-willing). Be checking in for more inspiring links and let us keep edifying one another with Christ as our ultimate end and focus.

For the fame of His name.