The Salvation of a Hypocrite

As followers of Christ, we don’t always need to travel across borders to find souls in need of a Savior. More often than not, we don’t even need to step out of our houses to find a soul in need of our witness. And though this could come as a shocker, we don’t even need to leave our own beds to find a soul in need of the Gospel. That’s right, professing Christians need to hear the gospel just as much as unbelievers, if not more so. This is because many of us are simply strutting cloaks of empty religion.

I know all this because… I was the front-runner:
You see…

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Volunteers in Hell

[Originally written in 2008]

God doesn’t send people to hell, they volunteer.

The names in the lamb’s Book of Life are written in God’s handwriting. The names on hell’s members list are written by the sinners’ own handwriting.

As human beings, our self-preserving gene is famous for magnifying the accusing finger. We are known through-out the universe for transforming ant-hills of guilt into mountains of blame. But the truth is simple; we practice sin, literally. I mean we really do practice sin;

We work it out and work on it.

We meditate on it and mediate for it.

We dwell on it and allow it to indwell us.

We have invited it into our homes and given it a pillow for the night.

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Beautiful Mud

I was a loser, drifting through this cursed planet, aimlessly weaving through broken promises.

I was a proud star, scaling the heights of shattered commandments, tip-toeing across sharp pieces of broken trust.

I was a loose cannon, a loud cymbal, a lost cause.

Love was not a word in my life-tionary, even though it dominated my diction-ary.

As brown as dirt, as wavering as dust, as shifty as sand, as hardened as the land.

My life was tainted.

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