Blog Break (03 May 13)

Here are some great links to wind up your week and spice up your first weekend of May:

  1. WHY MEN HAVE STOPPED SINGING IN CHURCH: This is an interesting recap on the cycle that corporate worship has gone through in the course history. The more things change, the more they remain the same… “Before the Reformation, laypersons were not allowed to sing in church. Sacred music was performed by professionals (priests and cantors), played on complex instruments (pipe organs), and sung in an obscure language (Latin).”
  2. FIVE DIGITAL DANGERS:  John Piper shares five dangers associated with the digital world, and corresponding resolutions that will help us avoid and slay each of those dangers  – “The hook of constant curiosity; the empty world of virtual unreality; personal relations with a machine; the risk of tryst; PORN.”
  3. I WORE WHITE: Trillia Newbell: “My white [wedding] dress did not represent a life of purity. It did not represent a young blushing bride who waited to know the mysteries of the intimacy reserved for the bride and groom. My white dress did not represent a born-again virgin… And yet, I can long for a different testimony. I can look at my past indiscretions and feel shame. This has never been heaped upon me by my loving husband, so why the shame?”
  4. HOW TO DETERMINE YOUR “FAVORITE’ BOOKS: Just in case you want to do that and you’re wondering how people do it.

Have a blessed reading time, friends.



The Life of the Party

weddinnJesus, the winemaker. I bet anyone who attended Sunday school knows what Jesus’ first recorded miracle was. He turned water into wine. It is easy to miss the point in this passage. Many people have often used abused this account in Cana to make a case for drunkenness. Others have gone to great lengths to prove that the wine made by Jesus was not alcoholic. These are just a few examples of how we can twist scripture to fit our rigid religiosity. But there’s something utterly liberating about this account of Jesus at a wedding. Personally, I am not so much amazed that Jesus turned water into wine as I am amazed that Jesus was at a wedding in the first place. Continue reading The Life of the Party