My Blogging Idolatry

“Sin isn’t only doing bad things, it is more fundamentally making good things into ultimate things. Sin is building your life and meaning on anything, even a very good thing, more than on God. Whatever we build our life on will drive us and enslave us. Sin is primarily idolatry.”

– Tim Keller


I’d rather keep this a secret, but experience has taught me better. I confess that I have found myself frequently (much too frequently) scanning the Stats page of this blog. At first, it was out of mere curiosity. I would casually scan through the numbers, graphs and maps and not think much about it. But before I knew it, I was hooked. Now it has become my first stop every time I log in. Keeping track of the number of views on my posts has become a private obsession. This has not been without consequences. I realized that I had even begun to sub-consciously craft topics that are more likely to attract attention and generate more traffic to the site. Yes, I know all about Search Engine Optimization and other technical-sounding marketing terms. I am also aware that the point of blogging publicly is to be read by the public, so anything that attracts more readers is essentially a positive thing, right? Continue reading My Blogging Idolatry